Sunday, September 5, 2010

Is It Me?

I can't breathe
This can't be happening to me
Was everything we had just a lie?
I believed while you deceived me
Faithful while my love was being violated
Nothing is the same
Nothing to hold on to
Where's the man I knew a day ago?
Is it me?
What did I do?
Am I not enough for you?
Is it me?
Was I wrong?
I believed our love was strong
Is it me?
I feel sick
Has it really come to this?
Didn't what we have mean anything?
You lied to me while you lay with me
What am I supposed to do with all the dreams you shattered?
How could you do this to me?!
I can tell you're sorry
Don't touch me! I need you to hold me
Who's going to comfort me now? Who's going to comfort me now?
You disgust me I know this isn't like you
It's over between us I hope you still love me
I hate you! I hate that I need you! Only God can save us
Only God can save us
Is it me?

Words & Music by John Mandeville & Steve Siler
© 2005 Silerland Music (Administered by the Copyright Company) ASCAP / Lifestyle of Worship BMI

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