Thursday, October 7, 2010

It Wasn’t My Choice

It just isn’t fair when someone else makes choices for your life without you even knowing there was a choice being made.  How does anyone decide that it’s okay to make choices that can effect another person without their knowledge?  How do they rationalize it?  Maybe they don’t even give it a thought?  Maybe the lying comes naturally to the cheaters and sex addicted?  Don’t they ever feel bad that they could be not only hurting someone but also giving them a disease?  Why be in a relationship with someone if you have the need to talk, text, email and actually touch another person?  Being single is an option that doesn’t hurt someone else.  Even just being honest in your life with yourself is what should matter.  Living a double life is harder than living a true honest life.  Being honest with yourself and others is what makes your soul free.  Why live in a dark lonely place where lies and deceit are a daily part of your life?  Eventually you will be “found out”!  The you hurt those you say you love.  There is way too much of this crap going on in the world today.  Sex, Lies, Cheating, Porn, etc., are everywhere and things are going on behind many trusting and loving peoples backs and they are devastated when the truth surfaces.  I don’t choose to have this life.  I would not choose to live with someone who chooses that kind of life.  I want someone who lives honestly and doesn’t need to live in the dark and have a double life.  Honesty, love, truth, caring, and being there, that's what I want…..that’s MY choice!